Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty covering all defects in manufacturing backs all of our signs. Some materials used in the manufacturing process can carry warranties from 1-8 years 

Q: What repairs are not covered under your warranty?

A: Damage resulting from the following is not covered under our warranty:
- Neglect, intentional damage, abuse
- Improper storage, installation or maintenance from anyone other than CSS signs
- Replacement of lights
- Inclement weather or natural disasters
- Acts of war

Q: Do you only sell highway signs?

A: No, at Central Sign Systems we handle of wide variety of substrates such as wood, metal, plastic, magnetic and aluminum in different thicknesses.

Q: What kind of lighted signs do you sell?

A: Single and double faced signs, wall mounted, pole mounted, and a variety of other lit back choices.

Q: Do you letter vehicles?

A: Yes, we do. We also carry vehicle marking tape, commonly known as, Conspicuity tape, and construction vehicle warning signs.

Q: Do you manufacture only signs?

A: No, we also handle hard hats, safety vest, truck lights, stencils, and other construction related materials.

Q: Do you deliver:

A: Yes, we do deliver. Delivery charges vary and are based on order size and method of shipping. Please include that information in your 'Quote Request' so we can include that in your estimate.

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