New R7-100
Black Legend on HIP white sheeting
Available in 24"x24" & 48"x48" sizes
Pricing of the signs is based on quantities ordered.
Shipping and handling extra, please provide zip code to receive quote.
M/C and Visa accepted with processing fee of 3.2% applied.

The official No Idling Sign (R7-100) is used to comply with requirements of Act 124 of 2008 to erect and maintain a permanent sign informing drivers of diesel powered motor vehicles with a gross weight of 10,001 or more engaged in commerce, that idling is restricted in this Commonwealth.
Section 8 of Act 124 of 2008 (effective Feb. 6, 2009) requires an owner/operator of a location where subject vehicles load or unload OR a location that provides 15 or more parking spaces for subject vehicles to erect and maintain a permanent sign as specified in 67 PA Code Section 212.101(a).

This section of the motor vehicle code relates to official signs that are designated by PennDOT. This sign should be mounted throughout the parking area at reasonable intervals to be readily visible to vehicles subject to the idling restrictions. This posting requirement puts responsibilty on the property owner to make drivers awareof the No Idling regulation. The sign is constructed of  24"x24" .080 ga. aluminum with black legend on white high intensity prismatic sheeeting. The sign is predrilled for mounting on a sign post, or on a wall.

Also available is a 48"x48" size call for specific use of this size sign.


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